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April 3, 2010
I have some new things posted, these are the pre-view pics. Click here to purchase and see more detailed pictures. I do have some more bead sets to post but ran out of time. I will get to them in the next couple of days.
Have a Happy Easter!!
Blue & Pink Focal Vintage Key     Blue Mesh Vintage Key      Dichroic Heart Vintage Key
Froggy Vintage Skeleton Key   Penguin Vintage Skeleton Key Cupcake Vintage Skeleton Key
2 Tone Focal  Key             Pirate Skull Skeleton Key          Ivory Skull & Bone Vintage Skeleton Key
Fun Bone Bead Set
Ivory Cross Pendant     White Rose Cross Pendant  White Cross Pendant
April 3, 2010
Good morning ya all,
I will be posting some new things this afternoon so please check back.
Be talking with you all then,
Deb  :0)
March 20, 2010
Officially Spring today, YEA!!!!!!!!
New beads today, here's pre-view pics, go look in the Product section for more pics and to purchase.
Patriotic Bead Set                                                                  Mini Koi Pond Set
Palm Tree Beach Scene Focal
I will have a couple of Easter Sets later tonight.
Be chatting soon,
Deb  :0)
***New stuff tonight, here's the pre-view pics.
 **Special** Last of the Easter Eggs for the Season                 Kelli and Friends
Easter Bunny and Friends                                                                Three Little Lambs
Citrus Twist                                                                          Sweets 4 the Sweet
March 18, 2010
Hey Everyone!  Hope you are having a great day!! Two more days till official Spring! The flowers here in the desert get a early start, here's some of mine. The bright color is enough to burn your eyes out!
 New stuff today, not much beads........sorry.   I don't have anything ready, so I am taking pics as I go and posting them. I will e-mail everyone when I am done for the day/evening.
I will be posting a few more Easter bead sets in a few days and they will mail out priority so there will still be time to get them for Easter.
Here is the pre-view pics of todays postings, to see more pics and to purchase, visit these sections here at my website, Sculptural Beads  and  Jewelry/other Beady Stuff.   
Steam-Punk Brass Pirate Style Necklace    Skull Lover Brass & Lampwork Charm Necklace
Queen of the Crystal Spade Wired        Angel Brass Charm Necklace 
Copper Necklace
Brass Flower & Leaf Charm Bracelet                              Ten Commandments Easter Charm Necklace
Wings of a Angel Brass Charm Necklace              Severed Fingers Lampwork Sterling Earrings
Skull & Lampwork Bone Charm Bracelet                               Raku Lampwork & Wired Copper Bracelet
Purple Goldstone Light Pull                Multi Dichroic Light Pull
Can you tell I was into metal this week????  It is a real hot trend right now and I am so glad as I am very drawn to working with it!!
Talk soon!!
Deb  :0)
March 3, 2010
Ooodles and Ooodles of new stuff today. Jewelry, Sun Catchers and Beads, Oh My!!!!  Go look in the Product Section and click on the Sculptural and other bead stuff and jewelry links.   Pre-view pics down below of the new stuff.
Talk soon,
Deb  :0)
Angel Wing Copper Brass Necklace                 Arnie  U R What U Eat Bunny           Garth  U R What U Eat Bunny
Attitude  Copper & Brass Charm Necklace       Blue Suncatcher                                                    Tommy  U R What U Eat Bunny
Bunny & Carrots Set 1                                            Bunny & Carrots Set 2
Bunny & Carrots Set 3                                          Bunny & Carrots Set 4
Easter Bunny with Basket                   Chelsey and Friends
Clarisse and Friends                                                                       Sammi and Friends
Coffee Break Copper & Brass Charm Necklace       Wired Heart Copper & Brass Charm Necklace
Cupcake Lover Copper & Brass Necklace    Cupcakes Copper Solid Hammered Charm Necklace
Dream A Big Dream Copper & Brass Necklace       Dream Big Solid Copper & Brass Charm Necklace
Stand Tall Brass & Copper Charm Necklace     Key to My Heart Brass & Copper Charm Necklace
 Detailed Easter Egg Bead Set                             101 Easter Egg Bead Set
303 Easter Egg Bead Set                  202 Easter Egg Bead Set
Pie Pie Pie
 Fancy Cupcakes                     Going West
Green Sun Catcher                                        Purple Sun Catcher
Red/Black Sun Catcher                       Pink Sun Catcher
Look at the Suncatcher listings to see a pic I posted of the crystals shining on my wall.  They leave the coolest mini rainbows. If you gently twirl them when they are catching the sun it is even cooler!! Trust me!!
February 19, 2010
Hello! Hello!
New beads today..........go look in the Product section links.  Here's the pre-view pics.
Watercolor Mushroom Garden      Sailor Ducky #1                Blue Winged Fairy Bunny
Sailor Ducky #2                         Bunny with Basket of East Eggs Bead Set
I will be posting more later today, so I will update this page then and send out the bead e-mail.
OK, here is this afternoon's posting pre-view pics, find them in the Product Section
  Pirate Skulls               Devil Skulls              Red Bow Skull Jewelry Set
I still have not got any good pics of the suncatchers.  They just refract a lot light back at the camera.......still trying.... I will post soon.
Talk soon,
Deb  :0)
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