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Archived blog 16

Archived Blog 16
September 23, 2011
Happy for sure Fall........what a relief!!
We are still having 100 degrees days but the heat does not last all day. About dusk it actually gets into the eighties. Oh I know I will be moaning when it's cold for the heat again. Never happy, eh? 
I posted some auctions on eBay at lower prices than I sell here on the website, might be the chance to get a great deal on some Awesome Halloween Beads!!  Here's the link:    Halloween Ebay Auctions
New stuff here on the site too, go look in the sculptural section and the jewelry  section. 
Talk soon,
 September 13, 2011
Happy just about Fall!!  Yahoo, can't wait.  We had a bit of rain and it is in the 70's today, LOVING IT!!  We finally broke the 100 degree spell that we have had for the last two months.  This is the kind of weather that makes my MUSE very happy.  We had a thunder and lightening storm last night and my oldest dog just about had a conniption fit, he was being so freaky, trying to get into drawers or anything weird, even the sink. Finally had to put him in a tiny closet till it was over. My other three dogs, (which are girls) are like "whatever".  
Posted new Halloween beads in the sculptural section. 
Till next time.......
August 24, 2011
What's up?????
Well, here in Nevada, it is still a cooker!!  Hot, hot and just more hot! It is over a 100 degree's every single day!!  Suppose to be 111 degree's today. Did you hear about or feel the earthquake that the east coast had yesterday??? It's the first time they have had one in like forever. Now the east coast needs to watch out for Hurricane Irene. Yikes!!
I have some more Halloween lampwork beads up here on the site.  They are in the sculptural bead section. Check out this eyeball necklace and the mean old witch.
Well I am off to torch more beads, that is until I melt!!  I will just have to cool off with one of these when I get done.  Looks too yummy, I think I want it right now!!
Till next time,
Some of my recently sold beads
 August 08, 2011
Hey Bead Freaks!
OK, I kept my nose to the grindstone and got some Halloween bead sets posted here on the site in the sculptural bead section.  Also posted some finished pieces of jewelry.
Another quickie for now, have to get the nose back to the grindstone!!  Have a super day or evening depending on what your geographic location may be!! 
August 04, 2011
Hello, hello!
I have some Halloween focals posted in the sculptural bead section for sale and I also have a few necklaces for sale in the jewelry sectionI will be posting Halloween bead sets early next week. If you are not on my mailing list, be sure to let me know and I will add you.  If something is sold out and you would like me to reproduce it for you just shout out to me and I will put it on special order. 
Deb  :0)
******Update:  The Zombies with bloodshot eyes are sold out, and no, I do not have any on hand.  I will have more next week since ya all like them. I will try to make them even more gruesome. 
August 03, 2011
Hey all,
So has it been a HOT summer here in the states or what? I feel sorry for you midwest and east coast peeps with all that humidity too!! Sweltering is what you all probably call it. We have a pretty dry heat here, thank goodness because most days we are always over a hundred degree's. I am thinking Fall, how about you all? I will be posting Halloween beads tomorrow here on the site. Fun, fun!!  You guys know that they are my very favorite to create.  This should give ample time for you seasonal jewelry makers to create something ghoulish for Halloween.
Be chit chatting tomorrow,
Deb  :0)
June 19, 2011
Hey Bead Lovers and Collectors!!
Hope your beading adventures have been going well. I have been dabbling around with some of my stash (not my own) beads and have been creating some themed type jewelry. It's nice to do on the HOT blazing days of summer under the air conditioner. I will get some posted soon.  I do have some lampwork pool and summer type of beads that I created for sale.  I squeezed  them in between the super HOT days, go check them out in the sculptural bead section.
Sweltering in the Las Vegas Sun,
Update:  Listed some jewelry (ready to wear) in the Other Bead Type Stuff & Jewelry section.  
Some of my recently sold beads
These were made life size and they looked so real!!!
April 08, 2011
I listed the last of the Easter beads today in the Sculptural Bead Section. No more till next year!!
Be chit chatting soon.
Some of my recently sold beads
 March 18, 2011
Hello, hello,
I got the beads up yesterday but did not get a chance to update this page then. So go take a peek when you get a chance in the Sculptural Bead Section.
Isn't the situation in Japan just the most horrific thing that has happened in a long time??  Just so sad. Watching CNN makes tears stream down my face. Earthquake, Tsunami, Radiation, Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What's going to get dished out to them next????  A beader friend of mine son is a teacher in Japan. He is trying to get home to America.  He is having a heck of a time trying to make his way to a flight out because of all the devastation. Keeping our toes and fingers crossed that he makes it home safely!!
I have a new addiction for Carnivorous Plants.  They are so Cool!!! They eat little tiny bugs for food. I have gotten myself several types. They are all babies, so they should be fun to grow out. I am creating little mini bogs for them today. They like to have wet feet and lots of sunshine.
Till next time..........................
Some of my recently sold beads
March 16, 2011
Hello Bead Lovers,
Ok, I know I promised some new beads already, but I got behind on special orders. Excuses, excuses, huh? I am going to work on getting them ready today and I will post them for sale tomorrow more than likely. Sure everyone says. No I promise, bead honor!! I will send out the e-mail notice after I am done. I have some fun Alien beads that I made up after hubby and I passed through this place in Baker, California called " Fresh Alien Jerky". Here is some pics I took while we there buying, what else, but Fresh Alien Jerky. The whole place is themed out in Alien. Here is their website  One just never knows where they will find inspiration for their artwork. The jerky was good too!!
Happy almost St. Patrick's Day!!
Talk tomorrow,
Some of my recently sold beads
 March 05, 2011
Happy Spring to everyone,
Well at least I hope that it is going to happen for ya all. Unless of course you happen to live on the other side of the world from me.  But around my place here in Las Vegas, I see new growth springing forward on the trees and bushes, plus the fruit trees are starting to bloom. Strange weather this year around the world. I suppose that we are now living in changing times. I wonder what the next 100 years will bring, have any idea's??????? 
 I have some new St. Patrick & Easter beads posted in the bead section new beads here , and I also posted a few new things on the jewelry page . Take a peek when you get a chance.  I have some more new beads and jewelry to post. I am going to try and get them up by the end of this coming week.  
Deb  :0)
January 24, 2011,
Ok, I am a few days late getting the beads posted, but go look in the product sections and you will see that I have been busy.  I forgot the Rock and Gem show was going on this month at Quartzite, AZ. Hubby wanted to go this week-end, so of course I jumped right in and said lets do it!!  I love to buy beads too!!!!  I found some new Copper beads that I just totally love!!  Speaking of love, there is quite a few Valentine beads posted.  
I will be posting more later tonight, so check back.
Chat soon!!
Deb  :0)
*********Recently Sold Beads**************
January 20, 2011
Hey Bead People,
I am a terrible updater lately. Trying to get better about that, but I usually just go with how the Muse feels about it all.  The Muse does love to make beads though and I have plenty to get up on the site.  Lots of Valentine themed beads and some others. Should have them  posted in a few days. 
Wanna know more about me? 
If you would like to read more and see my past bead auction pictures, be sure to check out my archived blog pages, click here for my previous archived bead blog #15.

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