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June 12, 2013
Happy Summer Everyone,

Hope everything is going well in your part of the world!! I have some new beads and a lot of new bead pendant/jewelry today.
Go take a peek when you get a chance, todays new listings.

Have a great Day!!

Deb :0)
bubble gum machine lampwork bead pendant jewelry big chocolate heart pendant 2 jewelry clownfish with doodads lampwork bead pendant jewelry 4
coffee and donuts lampwork bead set
April 24, 2013
Hello bead peoples!!
Isn't all this crazy weather all over the country so out of the ordinary??????  I feel so sorry for everybody that is getting flooded in the midwest right now, so sad!!
On  a lighter note, I have been playing with murrini again!!  I get the biggest kick with working with murrini from other artists.  Go take a peek in the
sculptural bead section and also the jewelry section to see what I have new.
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March 26, 2013
I have some new Easter Beads, skull jewelry and some coffee and donut sets available today.
Sculptural Beads & Jewelry 
I have lots of ready to wear pendants that I need to get posted.  I should have them up in the next few days.
Happy Day!!
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March 12, 2013
Hello beads peeps!!
I have loaded the shop with lots of ready to wear pendants.  Go take a quick peek if you would like.
                                       Sculptural Beads & Jewelry 

Have a super fantastic Day!!
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March 05, 2013
So what's up? Well, here at Palm Tree Queen Lampworks we have lots of new beads and jewelry to get posted.  I will be loading pics and prices in the next few days. Be sure to check back to see what I have added.  Lots of spring colors and designs!! Sculptural Beads and Jewelry.  If you want to place a special order for Easter beads, now would be a good time. My turn around time right now is about a week to a week and a half. Don't forget Easter comes early this year!
I posted some St. Patricks beads and jewelry too.  Lots of requests lately for the ready to wear pendants, so I will be indulging those requests for sure!!
Be chit chatting again real soon!
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Irish Quote:
Never iron your four leaf clover, you don't want to press your luck!!
February 6, 2013
Hello Bead People,
We are having a fab almost spring like day here in the desert, suppose to be 70 degree's today. I seen the first lizard out of hibernation a few days ago sunning himself on a rock. I got real close and he did not move so I could tell he just came out. All this spring weather makes me want to make spring type beads.
I just posted my last set of chocolates for the  Valentine season unless you would like to special order a set. Been having lots of request for bead pendants that are ready to wear, so I made some up, go look in the beads/jewelry for sale to see what's new.
Be talking soon,
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Beads make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day
January 18, 2013
I have four new Valentine Chocolate Lampwork Bead Sets up.  Go peek in the sculptural bead section
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January 14, 2013
Hello Bead People,
Brrrrrrrr, baby it's cold outside here in Las Vegas!!  Nineteen degree's this morning.  My poor palm tree's!!!!!!!!!!!  I have most of my cool cactus covered with boxes so that they don't turn into slush.  My Koi pond is totally frozen over, brrrrrrrrr, too cold for a girl that likes to play with fire.
I have some new Valentine's and Spring beads listed in the sculptural bead section.  
I will be posting some Valentine chocolates by the end of the week also, need a few more days to get them finished up.
Be chit chatting soon,
Deb  :0)
January 2, 2013
Happy New Year!! 
A new year and new super cute shaker snowman pendant focals  Go take a peek in the sculptural bead section to see.
Here is a pic of the bunch of them together. I made them in colors that will last all snow season long.
I'm busy working on Valentine and spring themed beads. Will be posting them soon.
Happy Beading!!
December 5, 2012
Happy Holidays Bead Friends!!
I listed lots of new beads today. Go take a look in the sculptural bead section.  There is still time to get special orders in for Christmas.  Give me a email and we will talk about it.

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November 27, 2012
Posted a few beads today finally.  I have a local buyer and she purchased quite a few of the Christmas beads that I had planned for the website.  I will be making some more up this week and will get them posted as soon as I can.  I do have some more beads and will be getting them posted in the next few days.
Yak at you all then,
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November 2, 2012
Hi Bead Lovers and Lampworking Friends,
I always feel a bit let down after the Halloween bead season ends, sniff, sniff!  Halloween beads are really a blast to make, I shall miss them till next year. 363 days to go till next Halloween! 
Now that being said I am taking special orders for Christmas.  Not sure I will be doing much for Thanksgiving beads this year, so if you want something special give me a holler. I have some beads I will be posting soon, mostly in the Christmas theme.
Be chit-chatting soon,
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October 17, 2012
Hello, hello!
I have lots of new Halloween beads in the sculptural bead section, also have a few pieces of lampwork jewelry.
Deb :o)
 September 26, 2012
Happy Fall ya all!  I am really glad to see Fall arriving this year. We have had way too many "over 100 degree days" this year. Just does not make a girl want to go out and torch.  But I have got me some torch time in lately and I have some new Halloween and other types of beads listed in the Product sections.

Hey bead makers, I have a sugar skull bead tutorial in this month's issue of the  Soda Limes Times . If your not a subscriber you can get a free issue to check it out.

Be talking real soon!!
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August 25, 2012
Hello my Dear Bead Friends!!
I can't believe it's already been two months since I updated the site.  Time sure does fly by. Too darn fast if you ask me. It has been a really HOT summer here in the desert.  The sun seems so more intense than usual and it sure has been giving us some strangely beautiful sunsets.
I will have some beads up for sale here on the site this coming Monday, maybe Sunday if I really apply myself.  A lot of Halloween themed of course. I have been busy already getting out Halloween beads for special orders, so if there is something you really want give me a email. 
This witch set was a special order.
These Sugar Skull beads will be for sale here on the site Monday. I am going to break them down into small sets.

Be talking soon and have a great week-end!!
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June 22, 2012
Howdy!!  TGIF!!!!!!!!
OK, I got those beads up on the website that I was talking about a couple days ago.  Go check in the sculptural section to have a look.
Deb  :0)
A few peeks at what's up.
Talk soon!!
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June 20, 2012
Hello Bead Peeps!!
Happy First Day of Summer!!  I sure used to love to hear those words when I was a kid going to school. I was always so happy on the last day before summer break. Sure glad I got to grow up when I did.  I loved roaming our neighborhoods in the summer by bike or foot.

I do have some beads that I will be getting up here on the website soon, promise!!
I am already working on Halloween Beads for special orders. So if anyone would like to place order's for them, it's not too early. Been working on some fun Ju-Ju Charm Bead sets.  Here's a sneak peek of a set I will be putting up on the website.

This is the third batch of babies that this Dove has raised on my front porch this spring. This is the first day out of the nest for these two. 

Talk soon!!
June 11, 2012
Hello all,
New beads posted today, go take a look in the sculptural bead section .  I have some more, just need to take pics. I will try to have them up in the next day or two. I have another little gnome set, this time the gnome is a fairy.
Also have a cute little Fairy Tale Bug
Now go see what else I got.
Be chit chatting soon!
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