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My Studio Pictures

Here is what my studio looks like right now. We put new cabinets in our kitchen and put some of the old ones in my studio. We have to finish trimming up the bottoms and then I am going to sand and paint them. I even have a granite counter top and a sink!!!!  How cool is that! Thank you to my dear Hubby!!!
The main area where I do most of my bead making and what not.
This is another work station where I play/work with Boro and other types of COE glass. The red roll around tool box is filled to the brim with glass rods, frits, enamels, etc. A small kiln is sitting on the table.  
This used to be my main work station, but now it is used mostly for storage of my glass and tools and what not. That silver thing on the floor is the big/main kiln where all the beads anneal/bake! 
A couple of close up view of my main work area. Yes, I collect tin license plates and signs.
I LOVE neon!! The two bead signs were made by Beth at  They are ever so cool, huh? Someday I am going to learn how to do Neon!!!

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