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December 9th, 2010
Hey everyone,
I listed some more holiday beads and pendants in the product section, go take a peek, OK?
Be chit chatting soon,
Deb  :0)
December 4th, 2010
I have four new listings starting on eBay around 6:30 pm this evening.  I also listed  some "not" christmas beads in the Products  section.
Click the pics to go directly to the eBay listings. 
Ultra Fancy Dancy Chocolates
Penguin Hula Experience
Rose Skeleton Key w/ Matching Earrings
Santa Bear
Be talking soon........................................
Deb  :0)
 December 1rst, 2010
Hello, Hello.........................
Baby its cold outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, I have been freezing my bootie off.  See I am never happy, its either too hot or too cold, just like Goldilocks in the Three Little Bears Story.   I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day with your families.  My hubbys side of the family came to our place and we rocked!! Good times, good food and good people!! Check out this cutie with his human person (hubbys sister) who came to visit.
Abolutely adorable, eh???? I would love to add him to my pack of fur babes, but my sis-in-law says, "uh-uh, no way".
I added some beads and pendants to the product sections, mostly snowman and christmas themed for now.  I will be putting a few things up on eBay in the next few days.  
Happy Holidays,
Deb  :0)

October 1, 2010
Hello, hello!
I posted five new listings on eBay tonight.  Click the pics to go directly to the listings.  Thanks much for taking a look!!
Candy Bead Box                                                                                      Skull & Severed Fingers
Halloween Party Spiders
Witch Froggy                                                                      Countess Vampiress
Be talking soon,
Deb  :0)
September 30,  2010
Good evening or whatever time it maybe in your part of the world.   
 I have four new Halloween listings starting tonight on eBay.  Click the pics to go to the listings.
Ogre-Witch Sisters                                       Witchy Things
Ghostly Bunch
Till next time.......................
Deb  :0)
September 28, 2010
Happy Fall ya all,
It sure doesn't seem very fall-ish here in the desert.  We are still having temps in the low 100's.  I need some crisp chilly nights to make it feel like fall.   
I have been creating Halloween beads like crazy. Listed some on eBay tonight.  Here is the pre-view pics. Click on them to go straight to the listing.
Skull Closet                                                        Pirate Skulls
Trick or Treaters
Count Dracula  
Well I guess that's it for today.  I will be posting more listings tomorrow. Here on my website or eBay.
Have a good night, don't let the bedbugs bite!!
 Deb  :0) 
September 10, 2010
Hey all....................
Yup, I have been reported as missing in action.  A lot of things happened this spring and summer and I lost my "mojo" to torch.  But it has been whispering in my ear the last few weeks and it is telling me to get back to it. I am working up some Halloween beads and whatever else the Muse feels like torching up.  I am posting some listings on eBay since I have not had anything on there for quite a while and will be stocking up the website as soon as I get some special orders done.  
Be chit chatting soon,
Deb  :0)
This is one of my fur babes showing off pink top-notch. 
Click here for Halloween beads to buy direct off my site
These beads are on eBay right now. Click the pics to go directly to the listings. 
 Spooky Halloween Cupcakes                                                                                      
Silly Halloween Spiders
Agatha the Witch
April 23,  2010
Hello, hello!!
How is everybody? And did you do your part for Earth day yesterday?  I have started composting and I gave up bottle water.  It is just a shame how many of these plastic bottles are everywhere!!  Not to mention all the oil and energy that is used to produce them. Hubby says he will get us a Britta thing to put on the faucet and the one for the fridge.  I seen on T.V. where a whale had died and his tummy was full of lots of plastic water bottles and all kinds of human debri's.  If we all did just a little bit of earth "helping" (being green), it sure could go a long ways. I would love to go totally solar but it is still so expensive.
I finally watched the movie Avatar last night and I sure can see why it was such a big hit, I LOVED it!!!!!!  So did my hubby, he didn't even move the whole time it was on, and it is a long movie!! See it if you haven't, it is AWESOME!!!!!!! 
I have some new things today, here is the pre-view pics. You can find them to purchase and to see bigger pics in the products pages.  The three product links are on the top left side of this page.
Birdie Nest Vintage Skeleton Key                             Dotted Heart Vintage Skeleton Key                           Blue Heart Swirl Vintage Skeleton Key
Yes Pigs Can Fly Necklace & Earring Set         Lampwork & Fused Dichroic Necklace & Earring Set
Cupcake Lover Vintage Skeleton Key                            Koi Pond Vintage Skeleton Key                                 Meet Me at the Motel Vintage Skelton Key
 Dark Green Froggy Pendant                                                                         Lt. Green Froggy Pendant       Pink Leaf Rose Slider Vintage Skeleton Key
Pink Rose Vintage Skeleton Key                                 Red Rose Vintage Skeleton Key 
Red Heart w/Rose Vintage Skeleton Key                            Pink Swirl Heart Vintage Skeleton Key
Till next time........................
Deb  :0)
April 07, 2010
A couple of vintage skeleton keys today.  Look in the Sculptural Section to see more pictures and to purchase them.   
Skull & Bone Vintage Key       Sliding Rose Bead Vintage Key
Talk soon,
Deb  :0)
April 06, 2010
I have some *Specials* today, here is the pre-view pics. Here is the BEAD SET LINK to them where you can view close up pics and to purchase. 
Striations in Blue  Bead set *special*          Nice Stash Focals *special*
Safari Light Pull Bead set   *special*                      Raku Pink Bead Set    *special*
Raku Twist
I have some more vintage keys to post. I will try to get to them in the next few days.
Be talking soon!!
Deb  :0)
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